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What it really takes to be profitable on the Forex market? Grab a free e-book and find out what 10 rules you should apply to your trading!

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What’s inside the e-book?

Informations The e-book 10 forex tips contains of 10 unique tips for trading on the forex market exchange and other financial markets. The tips are universal rules and everyone can apply them to his or her trading.

Trading rules and tips in this publication are not only for beginners and even more advanced traders can make a very good use of this e-book. The rules concern many aspects of trading, including specific tips for money and risk management, trading psychology and some general truths about the market. Applying these 10 tips will not necessarily make you rich in one day, but it will certainly get you closer to the profitable, steady trading which is something that only 5-10% retail traders is able to do. And it’s not that hard, but requires developing good habits – some of which you’ll find in this publication.

We’ve tried to wrap all the tips in as concise form as possible while making it understandable, making the e-book only 13 pages long in order to save your time from reading unnecessary information. If you, however had found something inappropriately explained feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to explain (contact information is in “About Us” section).

About Us

The tips and rules inside the e-book were collected from traders from the company InField International Ltd. The company originates in Poland, where its brand Consilium Invest is the most recognizable forex brand and the largest introducing broker. The company has made its position by providing sustainable and profitabletrading signals since 2013.

In 2015 the company has launched international version of its portal and trading signals – www.consiliuminvest.com.

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Infield International Ltd
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What's more

Consilium Invest The intention for writing the 10 forex tips was to show, that real trading in the forex market doesn’t require more fancy systems and out-of-the-world brain. The most important is the basic approach to trading, which determines success.

In the forex business everyone’s overwhelmed by the amount of information there is, books, webinars and even analyses. All these are useful only to some degree. When the limit is reached, confusion comes and trading becomes unprofitable.

If you are looking for a real help in the forex market, we offer the help in many aspects, including wide range of support, representation before brokers when something goes wrong (for example when spread widenes) and finally steady growth with our forex signals, feel free to contact us at support@consiliuminvest.com or register on www.consiliuminvest.com.

Our support and other services are free if you have or open a trading account. Even without the trading account, you can try us for 2 weeks without any obligations.